Building a Secure Domestic Supply Chain for Energy Storage

The U.S. leads the world in grid-scale energy storage deployment, with nearly 5 gigawatts of power capacity projected to be installed annually by 2025. Despite the explosive momentum of the domestic storage market, the U.S. is lagging behind in domestic battery cell manufacturing. The U.S. continues to rely on foreign commercial manufacturers to supply the cells at the heart of battery systems.

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As battery storage becomes a crucial technology for operating a resilient and efficient grid, dependence on imported cells is a growing risk to U.S. energy security.KORE Power is in the process of bringing the first large-scale battery cell manufacturing facility to the U.S., demonstrating the capacity to strengthen the domestic supply chain for battery cells.

This paper explores the economic, technological and geographic incentives – as well as key opportunities for public policy support – that can unlock the U.S.’s potential to become a global leader in battery cell manufacturing.

Start From The Source
The Solutions You Need, Where You Need Them
KORE Power’s regional approach increases interoperability, efficiency and customer engagement. Our energy storage solution establishes regional control of production in key markets to ensure supply chain reliability.
Building It Right
Meet The Next Generation
Of Manufacturing
We are building a large-scale battery cell manufacturing facility in the U.S. to better serve the Western Hemisphere. This new one-million square foot facility is positioned to operate at 12 GWh per year capacity. The facility will operate with net-zero carbon emissions through strategic partnerships and solar + storage co-generation.