An innovative new module, thoughtfully designed with a unique range of features for ease of installation and maintenance.

6.5 kWh
110 Ah
Nominal Voltage
59 V
Voltage Range
44.8 V - 68.8 V
Dimensions (W x D x H)
445 x 540.5 x 113.5 mm
48± 2 kg

Energy and Capacity are representative values at .3 C - capacity differs with varying C rates. Rack design subject to change due to design optimization for maximum of 124 kWh storage and/or customer requirements.

Insulated Busbars

Integrated Fan

State of Health Display

Optimized Air Gaps

Electrical Covers

Safety Handles

Certified Flame-Resistant Materials

Faster Installation

The latest generation of 55Ah cells utilize state-of-the-art, proprietary chemistries and offer industry leading performance.

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UL 1973

UL 1998

UL 991

UN 38.3

IEC 62619

Mark 1™ Energy Storage Solution

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