KORE Power is excited to announce a new member of the KORE team, Jason Knapp. Jason is a former Navy pilot and retired Naval Officer. He assumed the role of Vice President of Government Relations and Federal Business Development earlier this month. Jason is based outside of Washington, DC. and we recently had an opportunity to chat with Jason via video to ask him about his previous life before joining KORE.

Jason, can you tell us a little bit yourself?
I grew up in Northern Virginia just outside of DC but had the opportunity to live across the country and the world. I had the occasion to fly seven different aircraft in my Naval career, have landed on 11 different aircraft carriers, and at the beginning of my Navy life, was stationed on a ballistic missile submarine, the USS Georgia (SSBN-729). I'm a proud father of two girls – age two (Aurelia) and four (Claire), both of whom were born in Leuven, Belgium. While living abroad, my wife and I had the opportunity to travel Europe with them, visiting more than 30 countries in under three years. I genuinely love the complexity of our political system and likely the only person at KORE who enjoys watching C-SPAN.

What was your experience in the Navy?
I retired in 2018 after more than 20 years in the Navy. Most of my career was spent flying the F/A-18 Hornet. Towards the end of my Navy career, I became involved in politics working in the personal office of a Member of Congress as a Department of Defense Fellow, followed by a role as the Deputy Director for US European Command. My final tour in the Navy was as the Executive Officer of Plans and Operations at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. Most recently, I led the Federal Government Relations for another start-up company where we had great success securing grants with the Department of Energy.

How did you find out about KORE Power?
I learned about KORE Power through a colleague while working on various Department of Energy programs with my previous company. I quickly learned how KORE was primed to capitalize on increasing energy efficiency requirements and uniquely positioned to expand in an under-served US domestic market. KORE will benefit directly from the already established renewable energy investments and the increasing US and Global demands on energy efficiency, necessitating increased energy storage.

What about joining KORE Power excites you the most?
With population growth and exponential increases in energy consumption, energy storage is the only way to truly achieve long term sustainability. KORE will help ensure energy waste or energy excess is captured and turned back into energy potential.

Getting an opportunity to be part of the ongoing energy generation reformation, as we work to move from fossil to renewable forms of energy, KORE is at the forefront in converting energy waste and energy excess back into energy potential. With the exponential growth of electricity requirements, storage capacity and capability are paramount in energy independence. Being part of a company that contributes positively to that is a privilege. As someone who survives and thrives in new and dynamic environments, I enjoy being part of an exciting project and team.

What would you want the KORE team and its customers to know about government relations?
All political jokes aside, the government is, in fact, there to help. The recent COVID pandemic has genuinely shown how the government and our political leaders can assist citizens and businesses in need. Innovation, employment growth, and creation/improvement of the US manufacturing base are where politicians, regardless of party, are often able to come together. The Department of Commerce mission statement is to create the conditions for economic growth and opportunity; the Department of Energy seeks to ensure American energy security through science and technology solutions; finally, Members of Congress seek to promote job growth and prosperity for their constituencies. Understanding how to navigate these various relationships, funding prospects, and economic development opportunities are not inherently complicated but based on knowledge, trust, and relationships. KORE is in the right technology space at the right time to maximize these potentials.

About KORE Power:

KORE Power, Inc. (KORE) is headquartered in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, with operations in Waterbury, Vermont, and Buckeye, Arizona. KORE is the leading U.S.-based developer of battery cell technology for the clean energy industry. With clients in energy storage, e-mobility, utility, industrial and mission-critical markets, KORE Power provides the backbone for decarbonization across the globe. As the first U.S.-based, American-owned, and fully integrated provider of cells, batteries, and solutions, KORE is uniquely positioned to serve these markets. Through the construction and operations of its large-scale battery cell manufacturing facility in the U.S., KORE is positioned to operate at 12 GWh per year capacity. The facility (the “KOREPlex”) will operate with net-zero carbon emissions through strategic partnerships and solar and storage co-generation.
KORE Power’s differentiated approach provides customers with direct access, unparalleled service, superior technology, and Tier 1 product availability. Focused on building sustainable communities, clean energy jobs, and green economic expansion, KORE Power is proud to offer a functional solution to real-world problems and fulfill market demand to deliver a zero-carbon future. The KOREPlex is expected to come to Buckeye, Arizona, and be the anchor to the development of the Sustainable Valley by the end of 2024. For more information, visit www.korepower.com.

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