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A Coeur d’Alene company is developing battery storage technology similar to that of Tesla Inc., which could lead to a manufacturing facility being sited in the state with up to 2,000 jobs.

The company, KORE Power, produces lithium ion batteries using a similar technology to batteries today, but with higher density and less cost, said CEO Lindsay Gorrill. Unlike Tesla – which built a 1.9 million square foot “Gigafactory” in Sparks, Nevada, to produce batteries – KORE produces its own cells. The cells can be used in a variety of products, ranging from an electric bicycle to the massive storage a utility company would use, he said.

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KORE Power’s global headquarters is in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.  We have designed the industry-leading, patent pending 1500Vdc Mark 1 Energy Storage System.  Lower your energy storage installation and operation costs with our high density, high voltage solution.

With support from our manufacturing partner, Do-Fluoride Chemicals, KORE Power is producing 6 GWh/year with availability starting Q1 2020.  Our utility-scale Mark 1 solution includes our propriety NMC cells with added safety features, innovative modules and standard racks, fully integrated with our Mark 1 BMS.

KORE Power is developing plans to build a lithium-ion battery manufacturing facility in North America to serve the growing demand for applications such as energy storage peaker plants, solar + storage and wind + storage projects, microgrids, front-of and behind-the-meter storage, mining energy solutions, and military applications.

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