Utilizing advanced lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery cell technology, KORE Power P2 DC Block systems delivers next-generation energy storage technology applications ranging from microgrid to commercial and utility-scale. The flexible modular design allows maximum impacts a wide range of applications grid augmentation, renewables integration, and peak offsetting with minimal manufacturing and installation lead times.

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P2 LFP Storage Rack

Delivering industry-leading energy density to meet clean energy needs to grid scale and beyond

Scalable to Grid+

Applicable for projects ranging from commercial businesses integrating clean energy with a single unit to utilities augmenting grid resiliency and with a network of ESS assets.

Applications up to 1C

Unification of KORE Power cell technology and management provides flexibility to meet a wide scope of usage in a standardized form factor.

Safety & Reliability

Advanced KP-MC battery management and reliable KORE Power battery cells are backed by industry-standard UL, IEC, UN, IEEE, CE, RoHS, and UKCA certifications.

Factory Assembled

Designed with minimal install time and easy of use as a priority, P1 storage racks are fully assembled by KORE Power and delivered ready for deployment.

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