High Energy Density Nmc Pouch Cell Technology

Our flagship NMC cell is applicable to E-mobility and ESS projects within utilities, microgrids, commercial and industrial, electric vehicles and charging stations

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Energy Density: 255 WH/KG
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Capacity: 55 AH
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Nominal Voltage: 3.73 V
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Voltage Range: 2.8-4.35 V
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High Performing Lfp Pouch Cell Technology

The 20 Ah LFP cell is designed for optimal performance in electric vehicles, hybrids, and plug-in hybrids applications.

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Capacity: 20 AH
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Nominal Voltage: 3.2 V
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Voltage Range: 2.0-3.7 V
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Future Products

New Cell Technology Under Development

We are focused on building today what our customers need tomorrow and ensuring we supply the best fit products for their project needs.

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Prioritized Safety

KORE Power has now completed the key safety certifications and testing required to deploy our solutions.

Why Choose KORE?

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Annual Capacity

KORE Power has 2 GWh of annual capacity available to meet the growing global demand of lithium-ion batteries. We designed our production lines to easily expand to 6 GWh of annual capacity based on market requirements.

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Investment in R&D

An American company operating globally, KORE Power develops and owns a robust portfolio of advanced battery cell IP.

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Assured Lead Times

KORE Power is a leading battery cell manufacturer operating worldwide. Our vertically integrated supply chain enhances our ability to successfully serve customers worldwide in a timely manner.

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KORE Power Announces 44 MWh Procurement Agreement with Cordelio Power

KORE Power will build the NMC deep-rack solutions for Cordelio at its facility in Waterbury, Vermont.

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