KORE Power - A North American Solution

KORE Power is based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.  We designed the industry-leading, patent pending 1500Vdc Mark 1 battery energy storage system.  Lower your energy storage installation and operation costs with our high density, high voltage solution.

With support from our manufacturing partner, Do-Fluoride Chemicals, we are producing 6 GWh/year with availability starting Q1 2020.  Our utility-scale Mark 1 solution includes our propriety NMC cells with added safety features, innovative modules and standard racks, fully integrated with our Mark 1 BMS.

Renewable Energy Lost Potential

Typically, much of the energy produced by wind and solar energy projects is lost due to a lack of economical storage. In some instances, the wasted energy is greater than 90% of what could be generated and used by consumers.

Power supply from renewable energy cannot be switched on and off. The sun does not shine at night, and wind is not constant. Integrating energy storage systems addresses intermittency of renewable generation. Storage becomes a fundamental addition. 

North America has spent tens of Billions of dollars on wind and solar generation, and the potential of those sources are not yet maximized.

This year, in California alone, over 500,000 MWh of energy will be wasted simply because there is inadequate energy storage to capture off-peak hour generation. Many States have stated their goals to deliver 100% renewable energy to their cities and communities. So far in the US, six cities have already hit their targets, generating 100% of their electricity from non-polluting, renewable sources. Adding energy storage systems to their existing renewable sources will decrease the cost of their electricity, eliminate curtailment and smooth grids.

9th Generation Battery Plant

KORE Power is developing plans to build a lithium-ion battery manufacturing facility in North America to serve the growing demand for applications such as energy storage peaker plants, solar + storage and wind + storage projects, microgrids, front-of and behind-the-meter storage, mining energy solutions, and military applications.