KORE offers cost advantages and ability to customize offerings, we can help provide a better, safer, renewable energy resources power storage.

The Cell

Starting with KORE's lithium-ion 55Ah cell whose performance measures with the highest industry leaders.
• Safe
• Versatile

The Module

These cells combine into modules. All modules come with their own BMS (Battery Management System) that communicates to the EMS (Energy Management System)

The Rack

Modules are packaged into packs that can be any size or shape ready for use in KORE's energy storage solution and additional markets.

KORE Energy Storage Solution

We have developed a standardized module and racking system platform that can be placed in 20, 40 or 53 foot containers. This rack system can also be adapted to work in any size building.

Green Energy in North America is a
multi-billion dollar market

Utility & Grid Storage

Frequency regulation
Peak shaving
Black start
Global adjustment demand
Backup power

Micro Grid

Decentralized Energy support
Distributed Energy generation support
Disaster relief and emergency power support

Renewables Energy support

Storage of excess Solar energy production.
Storage of excess Wind energy production

C & I Energy storage Support

Energy storage for government buildings, Universities, Military and hospital facilities.