NMC Cell

High energy density NMC technology designed for ESS applications.

Cells produced in highly automated state-of-the-art manufacturing facility utilizing advanced R&D foundations.

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Energy Density: 255 WH/KG
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Capacity: 55 AH
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Nominal Voltage: 3.73 V
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Voltage Range: 2.8-4.35 V

Designed from the ground up to be an optimized energy storage platform.

KORE Energy Storage System (ESS) offers market-leading energy density, with lowered operational and installation costs.

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Energy: 110.7 kWh
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Capacity: 110 Ah
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Nominal Voltage: 1014 V
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Voltage Range: 763 - 1181 V
BMS Architecture

Compliments our system design to ensure longer life and fitness of use.

KORE Power prides itself in deploying industry leading systems that last. The BMS architecture manages up to 40 racks and includes Rack Data Aggregation with 30 Days of Storage

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Manages 40 Racks
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Rack Data aggregation
Prioritized Safety

KORE Power has now completed the key safety certifications and testing required to deploy our solutions.

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Tech Specs
Able to Provide Solutions from 0.25C to 1C
K¹55 NMC Cell
KORE Power Mark 1 Module
KORE Power Mark 1 Rack
205 Wh
6.51 kWh
110.7 kWh
55 Ah
110 Ah
110 Ah
Nominal Voltage
3.73 V
59.6 V
1014 V
Voltage Range
2.8 - 4.35 V
44.9 - 69.5 V
763 - 1181 V
313 x 11.6 x 102 mm
445 x 577 x 115 mm
520 x 655 x 2260 mm
0.8 kg
41 kg
900 kg

Energy and Capacity are representative values at .3C – Capacity differs with varying C rates.

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Designed from the ground up with a guaranteed performance of up to 15 years

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