NMC Cell

The Foundation of
KORE’s Energy Platform

Large format high voltage NMC technology designed for e-mobility applications

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Capacity: 55 AH

One Format Four Configurations

Designed for better space utilization. Our modules feature integrated sensors for voltage and temperature monitoring.


One Customized Experience

We work with our customers to design packs that integrate seamlessly into their design. Part of our ethos is do the unimaginable without compromising the integrity of our products.

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Tech Specs
Able to Provide Solutions from 0.25C to 1C
2P6S VDA Module
3P4S VDA Module
4P3S VDA Module
2353 Wh
2353 Wh
2353 Wh
Nominal Voltage
106 Ah
159 Ah
212 Ah
22.2 V
14.8 V
11.1 V
Voltage Range
16.8~26.1 V
11.2~17.4 V
8.4~13.05 V
355 x 151 x 108 mm
355 x 151 x 108 mm
355 x 151 x 108 mm
11 kg
11 kg
11 kg

Energy and Capacity are representative values at .3C – Capacity differs with varying C rates.

Why Choose KORE?

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Customized Experiences

Our custom pack designs coupled with our dedicated customer service model offer an experience unlike any other in the market. We are proud to offer strong relationships with our customers.

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Prioritized Safety

Our products are designed with our customers and safety top-of-mind for ease of use and reassurance in a superior product.

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Heavy R&D Investment

KORE Power’s continual investment in product improvement ensures our products meet the highest of standards for quality, safety, and reliability.

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