The Cell

• KORE's lithium-ion 55Ah cell
• Safe
• Versatile

KORE’s Pouch cell is enclosed in aluminum-plastic film. Its primary target is to satisfy the demand for thinner battery sizing and high energy density. KORE utilizes proprietary chemistry which includes internal graphite anode and NCM cathode, are coated on copper foil and aluminum foil, respectively. The copper and aluminum foils are electric current collectors. The coating process for anode and cathode are continuous and parallel. The coated foils can be cut into highly customizable sizes and shapes which are later stacked into layers with separators. KORE Lithium is currently producing 55Ah pouch battery cell. The production facility for the 65Ah cell is scheduled for completion by the end of 2019. 72Ah and 78Ah cells are being planned for production over the next few years.

Standardization Module

Individual cells are attached to standard sized frames for rigidity and ease of assembly. Multiple frames are stacked side by side and held together by side plates. Electrical connections of the cells are made via bus bars bolted to the frame with positive and negative leads. A Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is added that has contacts for the cells as part of the battery management system that monitors the cell temperature. Top plate and polyester (PET) banding are installed to form the final module.

Battery Pack

To achieve higher voltages and higher capacity, multiple modules are further assembled and connected in series and/or parallel fashion via the packing process. Modules are placed side by side and held by strips connected by flexible bus bars to form the core of the pack. Other components, such as battery management systems, electrical protective and control devices, etc. together with the modules are enclosed in a standard size case which forms a battery pack ready for integration in a variety of applications.