KORE Power (KORE), a leading developer of high density, high voltage energy storage systems, today announced it has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with ELM FieldSight, LLC (ELM), a U.S.-based provider of microgrid controls and packaged solutions.

The MOU provides for the formation of a strategic alliance between KORE Power and ELM designed to increase business and sales opportunities by coupling ELM's microgrid product line with KORE’s Mark 1TM Energy Storage System. This alliance provides ELM’s customers with battery storage solutions that are tailored to their specific needs.

ELM has served the energy industry for over 20 years with both utility and behind the meter services and solutions. With more than 1,000 employees, 900 service trucks, a full line of distributed energy, compliance monitoring solutions, and locations in 20 states, ELM is uniquely positioned to help lead the changes to the grid and impact how power is produced and provided.
ELM produces the FieldSight Microgrid Controller, enabling operators to monitor and control their various microgrid assets efficiently, with its containerized, integrated energy storage platforms providing a variety of on-grid and off-grid services. The Mark 1TM seamlessly fits with ELM's product line, allowing them to offer KORE's battery energy storage system to its customers as part of their energy storage platform.

"We could not be more excited about our partnership with KORE Power and the impact their Mark 1TM product and business approach will have on our microgrid product line." said Aron Bowman, chief operating officer of ELM FieldSight. "The relationship we are building with KORE gives us confidence that we will be able to rapidly accelerate what is already a very fast paced growth industry for ELM."

"ELM is an ideal partner for KORE Power. Their packaged microgrid solutions featuring the FieldSight Microgrid Site Controller with our Mark 1TM battery system provides synergies that only increases the commercial viability of our systems,” said Lindsay Gorrill, CEO of KORE Power. “Customers in high-growth industries around the world are seeking more than just innovation, they require customization for their energy storage needs. We are excited to work with ELM to bring sophisticated and customized solutions to market.”


ELM FieldSight, LLC and our network of partners provide unique solutions in asset monitoring, generator monitoring, substation automation, flare gas solutions, and project financing, to various sectors including hospitality, health and safety, utilities, manufacturing, construction and private residences. ELM has created technology offerings in the form of our LaunchPointTM Logistics and FieldSightTM monitoring & control systems. Together, these IoT platforms provide real time decision-making capabilities by leveraging ever-advancing artificial intelligence (AI) protocols as well as powerful connected control through robust computing capabilities at the edge of the cloud where the work is being done and compliance must be demonstrated. In the world of damage prevention this means real-time asset and personnel location, dynamic prioritization, solid documentation capabilities and robust communication tools to keep the facility owner and the excavating community informed and involved in the process of protecting underground facilities and ensuring the public safety. Protecting utility infrastructure through specific compliance services such as underground locating and regulatory reporting or improving grid reliability and sustainability through our distributed energy products are examples of ELM's commitment to helping its clients achieve their goals.

For more information, visit http://www.fieldsight.com/

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About KORE Power:

KORE is a leading U.S.-based developer of battery cell technology and integrated solution manufacturer for the energy storage and e-mobility sectors. With clients in energy storage, e-mobility, utility, industrial and defense markets, KORE provides battery products and solutions that are the backbone for decarbonization across the globe. KORE is uniquely positioned to serve these markets as an integrated provider of cells, batteries, and solutions. Commercial production at the KOREPlex is targeted for 2025. The KOREPlex will have an initial annual production capacity of 6 GWh of battery cells, which may be expanded to 12 GWh to meet market demand. KORE is headquartered in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, with operations in Waterbury, Vermont, and Buckeye, Arizona.

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