KORE Power batteries will be installed at new 10 MW/20 MWh grid scale battery collaboration between ABB and Ecotricity project which paves the way for UK’s National Grid journey to Net Zero by 2050 and highlights the potential of BESS to stabilize the grid

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, June 8, 2022 – KORE Power, a leading US-based manufacturer of lithium-ion battery cells for e-mobility and energy storage solution projects, will provide the batteries for a ground-breaking partnership between ABB and Ecotricity which advances the UK National Grid towards its 2050 Net Zero goal.

The project also represents a key step for KORE Power in the rapidly growing UK market.

“KORE Power drives energy storage solutions that deliver a cleaner electricity sector. We share the vision of ABB and Ecotricity that renewable, reliable energy is the smart choice for business and for the planet,” said Lindsay Gorrill, Co-Founder and CEO of KORE Power. “This project demonstrates that our clean energy future has arrived.”

ABB’s grid scale Battery Energy Storage Solution (BESS) will be installed at Ecotricity’s existing 6.9 MW wind farm in Gloucestershire in 2023. The project will not only provide a material addition to the company’s renewable energy offering but will also highlight the potential of short-term fast response technologies like BESS to add additional stability to the UK’s National Grid, a crucial hurdle as it moves towards Net Zero.

For the project, which will be co-located alongside Ecotricity’s wind farm in Alveston, Gloucestershire, KORE will supply its Mark 1 energy storage modules equipped with its high energy density NMC pouch technology. KORE’s Mark 1 system is fully certified under UN 38.3, UL 1973 and IEC 62619, and achieved UL 9540A. The system will deliver the ability to meet the project’s goal to stabilize the grid while providing an effective way to capture clean energy.

The installation of ABB’s eStorage MAX scalable BESS will help the company to manage its exposure to high spot-trading energy costs, as well as offering flexibility response to the National Grid as it transitions to Net Zero. The BESS will be integrated with Ecotricity’s Smart Grid platform and will use the company’s proprietary optimization model to dispatch the battery energy storage according to system needs.

Mark Meyrick, Head of Smart Grids, Ecotricity, said: “We’ve been working towards our first grid scale battery as we’ve been developing our Smart Grid platform – and we’re looking forward to taking this next step with ABB. This project is a first for us and will enable us to manage demand for renewable energy, as well as develop a greater understanding of the deployment of storage for flexibility requirements.”

“As the UK continues its journey to net zero, ABB is excited to partner with Ecotricity and KORE Power on this 20 MWh grid scale battery project, which will help to stabilize the grid. BESS is key to unlocking some of the challenges ahead, providing a highly effective way to capture clean energy and balance energy generation against demand to build grid resilience,” said Calogero Saeli, Global Product Group Manager, ABB Electrification Distribution Solutions.

About KORE Power:

KORE Power, Inc. (KORE) is headquartered in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, with operations in Waterbury, Vermont, and Buckeye, Arizona. KORE is the leading U.S.-based developer of battery cell technology for the clean energy industry. With clients in energy storage, e-mobility, utility, industrial and mission-critical markets, KORE Power provides the backbone for decarbonization across the globe. As the first U.S.-based, American-owned, and fully integrated provider of cells, batteries, and solutions, KORE is uniquely positioned to serve these markets. Through the construction and operations of its large-scale battery cell manufacturing facility in the U.S., KORE is positioned to operate at 12 GWh per year capacity. The facility (the “KOREPlex”) will operate with net-zero carbon emissions through strategic partnerships and solar and storage co-generation.
KORE Power’s differentiated approach provides customers with direct access, unparalleled service, superior technology, and Tier 1 product availability. Focused on building sustainable communities, clean energy jobs, and green economic expansion, KORE Power is proud to offer a functional solution to real-world problems and fulfill market demand to deliver a zero-carbon future. The KOREPlex is expected to come to Buckeye, Arizona, and be the anchor to the development of the Sustainable Valley by the end of 2024. For more information, visit www.korepower.com.

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