KORE Power Mark 1 Solution Successfully Completed UL 9540A Module And Unit Level Testing KORE Power’s Mark 1 Solution was designed with safety as a priority.

The Mark 1 module integrates multiple safety features, including materials to prevent thermal runaway propagation per the UL 9540A test method. KORE Power successfully completed the UL 9540A module and unit level testing without propagation. Installation level testing is therefore not required when using the KORE Mark 1 Solution.

Key Takeaways:
KORE has now completed the key safety certifications and testing required to deploy the Mark 1 Energy Storage Solution. With over 2 GWh of annual production capacity, a robust supply chain, and short lead-times, KORE Power is ready to support your energy storage projects.


KORE Power, Inc., is a leading US-based developer of battery cell technology for the clean energy industry, serving energy storage, e-mobility, utility, industrial and mission-critical markets across the globe. KORE Power designs and manufactures its proprietary NMC and LFP cells, VDA modules and packs, optimized by the battery management system. Through its global partnerships, KORE designs and manufactures top-tier energy storage systems (ESS).

KORE Power’s differentiated approach provides customers with direct access, unparalleled service, superior technology, and Tier 1 product availability. We care about building sustainable communities, clean energy jobs and green economic expansion. KORE Power is proud to offer a functional solution to real-world problems that fulfill growing market demand and contribute to a zero-carbon future. For more information, visit www.korepower.com.

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