Up and Coming Energy Storage Company Continues to Build World Class Team

  • KORE Power hires Renewable Search Founder for energy storage and solar business development
  • Tom DeRosa brings over 10 years of experience building relationships with cleantech companies to KORE Power
  • KORE Power is bringing in more highly respected industry veterans to deliver its new energy storage solutions

Tom DeRosa, the founder of the executive search firm Renewable Search, has joined the rapidly expanding team at KORE Lithium Technologies, Inc. (“KORE Power”) as they begin manufacturing and sales of their new Mark 1 Energy Storage System.

Tom has over 20 years of experience in the IT, renewable and energy storage markets.  As a leader in executive search, he helped shape some of the most recognized names in solar and energy storage.  For 10 years, his firm Renewable Search grew to the industry’s premier search firm, as he partnered with high-growth, venture-backed startups and publicly-traded global leaders.  Tom focused mainly on utility, commercial and industrial developers, manufacturers and EPC firms, in the solar, energy storage, energy service and EV markets.

“My relationship with KORE began when they asked me to hire their VP of Sales. As I learned more about the company, their people, strategy and execution, I knew they would quickly establish themselves as a leader in the high-growth energy storage market.  With 20 years of experience building start-up organizations, I recognized KORE’s vast potential.  They were building the best team and I needed to be a part of it.” said Tom DeRosa about joining the KORE Power team.

KORE Power plans to construct a multi-GWh lithium-ion battery manufacturing facility in North America to manufacture cells for their new Mark 1 Energy Storage System designed specifically for large-scale energy storage needs.  Initial deliveries of the Mark 1 are scheduled for the first quarter of 2020.  In addition to the Mark 1, KORE Power also supplies products such as a 55Ah NMC cell used primarily in electric vehicles and various lithium salts used in making electrolyte for lithium-ion batteries.

"When I started working with Tom, I quickly recognized he had built extensive partnerships over the last 10 years, especially with solar and storage developers and EPC firms.  He brings those relationships, and a diverse sales and marketing background to our already talented team. I am excited for him to join our team at KORE Power!"

- Lindsay Gorrill, CEO of KORE Power.


Based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, KORE Power is a leading developer of high-density, high-voltage energy storage solutions for global utility, industrial and mission-critical markets.

KORE Power designs and manufactures the industry-leading, 1500V Mark 1 Energy Storage System. Developed to lower installation and operation costs with higher efficiency, the Mark 1 includes proprietary NMC cells and modules, with innovative safety features, managed and optimized by the Mark 1 BMS.

KORE Power serves the growing demand for applications such as replacing fossil fuel peaker plants, wind and solar plus storage projects, Microgrid optimization, behind-the-meter C&I, E-Mobility, mining energy solutions and the Military.

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