Batteries Charging Batteries?
Mr. Scott Osborne
Vice President of Sales
August 10, 2020

When I first met Simon Patterson, CEO of MSP Technologies Ltd at his beautiful office in the Lake District of the UK, I didn’t buy his claim that a system filled with batteries was the most efficient way to recharge an EV. It just can’t be the most efficient way to do it. Surely he has missed something.

MSP Technologies builds small to mid size battery systems, and Simon has been doing this for years, working with every kind of chemistry available.  It has always been difficult to find a place for battery systems. They were too expensive and there were no real killer applications for the UK market.

All that is changing with the arrival of EVs on the market.

We are just at the dawn of the EV revolution, and already services stations around the UK are struggling to keep up with the demand for roadside recharge. In UK cities like York, few residents have access to home chargers, so they are dependent on public EV charging stations. To make it even more complicated, the services stations face big delays and heavy fees in order to upgrade their grid connection to the required service level.

This is where the Energy Storage Solutions enter the equation.

The batteries in MSP’s Flex Gen product can use the grid connection 24 hours per day, so at night when the EV demand thins out, the batteries can recharge. During the day, the batteries can generate the equivalent of a much upgraded circuit at a fraction of the cost, and in just a couple of months delivery time.

MSP technologies also supports other innovative means of charging its batteries: through solar and even hydrogen connection. This makes the Flex Gen product attractive to many businesses requiring EV charging capability combined with other potential revenue sources.

We at KORE Power salute our customers, and support companies like MSP technologies building a greener and cleaner future.

Mr. Scott Osborne

Mr. Scott Osborne

Vice President of Sales

Mr. Osborne has more than 18 years of global sales leadership. His most recent experience was Sales VP for three other energy storage companies. He has led energy storage projects in the UK, Germany, Portugal, Canada, and the United States. Mr. Osborne has an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Minnesota.