KORE Power's New One Million Square Foot Manufacturing Facility
Mr. Brad Telin
Senior Vice President of Operations
August 10, 2020

KORE Power is carefully selecting a site for our new one million square foot facility, with an output capacity of 10 GWh, that will deliver much needed state-side energy storage supply to meet customer demand.

Our team began the site selection process in Q2 2019 with an initial, 18 states and over 400 sites presented. Through jurisdictional outreach and research, our team narrowed down the originally proposed locations and visited nine states and 50 sites.

KORE has recently down selected to only a few sites, with the final site selection occurring in Q3 2020, with a public announcement to follow.

Importantly, our new US manufacturing facility will also serve as a substantial job creation engine. Upon commissioning, our facility will provide 1,250 jobs, growing to an estimated 3,000 jobs at full capacity.  Energy storage has the potential to create thousands of jobs in the next few years.

The US manufacturing facility will feature a solar + storage co-generation plant, fully integrated into the site. It will have the capability to provide triple redundancy of the power supply with the cooperation of local utility companies, while also working with the utility companies to provide the surrounding communities with grid resiliency, and overproduced power. Our factory will maintain KORE's goal of being a carbon-neutral corporation.

The US facility will serve the North American domestic market as well as the rest of the western world, while our Chinese factory will continue to serve the APAC regions. We are expecting that we will break ground on our US manufacturing facility in Q2 2021, with construction taking approximately 12-18 months to complete.

KORE Power is beyond proud to provide a "Made in America" solution that will serve our future customers, partners, employees, and communities at large.

Mr. Brad Telin

Mr. Brad Telin

Senior Vice President of Operations

Brad Telin has over 25 years of experience leading global cross functional Business and Technology Development, Operations, and Supply Chain teams. Most recently he worked extensively in Asia and Europe bring cutting edge Micro-LED Display, Bio-Metric, and Human Interface technologies to the consumer electronics and automotive markets.