KOREPlex Site Plan Receives Key Approval in City of Buckeye, Arizona

Meeting the Growing Demand for Reliable Energy Storage

Built on a foundation of more than a half century of industry leadership, KORE Power's Solutions Division combines next-generation battery cells and technology with AI-powered asset management to deliver scalable energy storage systems that open the door to decarbonization and the energy transition worldwide.

KORE Power is uniquely positioned in the energy storage space as the only U.S.-based manufacturer of energy storage technology to offer end-to-end control from the production floor to asset management. Fully customizable with the flexibility of being renewable or grid-tied, KORE Solutions ESS provide reliable energy storage for commercial, industrial, and grid-scale applications. 

Energizing the Domestic Energy Transition

Energy storage is the cornerstone of a zero-carbon future from microgrids to grid-scale utilities. KORE Power's engineering team pushes the leading edge of the industry, developing high-quality systems and technology to meet the increasing need for resilient energy storage solutions.

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Laying the Foundation of a Zero Carbon Future

KORE Power is committed to developing high-quality solutions to meet our customers' unique needs in the energy storage and electric transportation sectors. KORE engineers work closely with each client to create a solution that’s tailored to project need, ensuring peak reliability, efficiency, and safety. The Solutions Division team works with our customers through the entire life of their system, from project site design through system installation to maintenance and monitoring.

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Accelerating the Domestic Energy Transition

KORE's DC block products are scalable systems that can be configured for virtually any application. Our team of engineers work in tandem with customers to tailor a solution that meets their project’s specific needs. KORE's Solutions Division's superior housing are paired with KORE Power’s advanced battery cells and management architecture. Current building block sizes range from 300 kWh to 1.3 MWh and beyond.

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Why Choose KORE?

Safety and Reliability

The state-of-the-art KAMS (KORE Asset Management System) is designed to integrate with KORE Power’s tri-level battery management architecture to ensure peak reliability and safety of your system 24/7.


KORE's Solutions division is backed by nearly a half century of experience in energy storage in some of the harshest and most remote places on earth, including Antarctica and isolated islands. Combined with KORE Power’s battery cell technology, our unmatched experience separates KORE Solutions from the pack.

End to End Product Control

KORE Power is the first US-Based end-to-end integrator. Our team is responsible for every step of the production and deployment process from supply and manufacturing to installation, system monitoring, and on-site maintenance.

Innovation & Technology for The Future of Energy Storage

KORE Asset Management System [KAMS]

KORE Power energy storage systems are managed by the KORE Asset Management System - a state-of-the-art Network Operating Center that goes beyond energy management and is re-setting the standard for the industry. KAMS gives KORE a birds-eye view of your power network 24/7, anywhere in the world, ensuring peak reliability and, most importantly, safety for your system.

KAMS system & support features include• AI-powered market analysis• Weather monitoring• Energy Management System (EMS)• Real-time monitoring & alerts• Lifetime reporting• Data aggregation• Operations & Field Support

Features of the KAMS include

• WeatherSense - Weather monitoring and market integration
• Energy Management System (EMS)
• Real-time monitoring & alerts
• Lifetime reporting
• Data aggregation
• System operations

Resetting the Standard for Energy Storage Services

KORE Power provides a full range of engineering, support, and field services to meet your unique requirements, from delivering complete integrated storage systems to monitoring power networks and installing replacement parts. With decades of experience deploying and maintaining energy storage systems worldwide in even the most remote and harshest environments, our engineering and field support teams can handle virtually any need.

Our energy storage and power network services cover:
• Ground-up engineering
• Custom system design and manufacturing
• Practical site study and analysis
• System installation and testing
• Remote network monitoring and troubleshooting
• On-site staff training
• Field maintenance and support

KORE Power stands behind all our energy storage systems. Every product we deploy is covered by a standard two-year warranty on top of individual parts warranties from component manufacturers. We want you to have peace of mind that your entire system is covered, not just the individual system components.

We also offer a wide range of extended warranty options, including maintenance, service, and system monitoring for customers that want additional certainty and security beyond the standard two-year period. Our account management team can answer any other questions about our standard or extended warranty options.

KORE Power is dedicated to providing reliable energy storage solutions that are designed for maximum life span and minimal maintenance. Our systems include comprehensive operations and maintenance manuals, system and component installation instructions, and a recommended preventative maintenance and service schedule. Since on-site service and maintenance personnel aren't an option for all of our customers, we offer customizable service and maintenance plans to enhance our standard or extended warranty options, including:

• Installation & Initial Deployment
• Preventative Maintenance
• Spare Parts & System Modifications
• Remote Monitoring
• System Upgrades
• Emergency Repairs

KORE Power can customize energy storage solutions to meet your unique needs, but any solution is only as good as the system that monitors and manages it. Our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center, the Northern Reliability HUB, goes beyond energy management with features including:

Grid Management and Efficiency Features
• Intuitive asset integration & management
• Advanced algorithmic learning and asset optimization
• Fleet management via Google API
• Real-time state of charge status
• Trend analysis & data visualization
• Setpoint management
• Load Management